Online Casino South Africa – 2020 Guide to Online Gambling

Through this website, you will be able to discover and enjoy the best gambling sites online. Here you every top-rated online casino South Africa has. These are the best site to join for 2019 and 2020. Containing the best selection of games, 5-star service and incredible award-winning features.

The top 3 online casino South Africa sites to join 2019

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Find your SA online casino through our legal sites

SA casino online

In 2011, the online gambling laws changed making South African online casinos legal. Since the market boomed with a host of online operators that provide games and features for players to win from. When any market achieves a fast level of success like what has happened in South Africa, there are going to be casinos that slip through the net and provide what is seen as an illegal service.

We made this site to help players in South Africa find the best online casinos which are in regulation of the laws made by the NGB and approved by them. The laws, for those unaware, stipulate that online gambling is not illegal and that players taking part must do so through online sites which are registered outside the borders of South Africa.

Therefore, to be clear, the casinos you have listed here are built for African players but are registered overseas. These casinos will all accept rand payments and will all payout winnings in rand currency. The casinos you have the option of joining are licensed by official gambling authorities abroad like the UK Gambling Commission, the toughest online licensing body in the world.

From this, you are guaranteed to have approved sites that hold all the correct requirements to provide their services to South African players. They also come regulated to offer a fair and honest service to meet independent regulatory standards and standards expected by those which join them. One example can be found in this link, click here to find a good review about casino and the services and features they provide.

What makes a site the best online casino in South Africa?

So, what makes an African online casino worthy of being part of our top 10 list?

There are many things to consider, investigate and test when making a list for millions of players seeking, for them, what is the best casino online.

We begin the process of elimination by running historical checks on the operator’s owners. To be sure that you are not falling foul to a service that once before failed to meet the high standards set. We check that the licensed is full in-date and that their registration as a business is fully legitimate. Once these ‘foundations’ are confirmed to be correct and in order, we then begin to test and try the services and feature within.

We have a top ten list which did begin with 50 sites that were fully compliant to the laws and regulations. In order to give you a simpler choice we compared the sites to each other and judged them on 5 key areas that are the building blocks of a casino found online.

1. Games

2. Software

3. Promotions

4. Banking

5. Support

You will read from the reviews that comprise the top 10 list just what each of these casinos offers to their members in these 5 important areas.

For the games, there had to be a diverse mix of options and thusly, you will now have access to all casino slots, live table games hosted by real dealers and sports betting.

When it comes to software, you will have SSL protection, the latest security tool that is used by all major casino described in this online guide and banking corporations across the world. You will also have a platform that is accessible through any modern device such as laptops, tablets, and mobiles.

For the banking, you will have a choice of reputable payment services that support local banking options in South Africa, including credit card methods and alternative options like PayPal, Bitcoins and e-wallet service. An up and coming e-wallet provider Ecopayz has partnered with Dusupay to financially connect Africa to the rest of the world as can be found on their

Promotions from these sites will give you regular opportunities to play many free games and slots. Each site offers a welcome bonus that is exclusively for new members only.

Lastly, the support you have will be available 24-hours a day and seven days a week.

Join a real online casino today and win real ZARcurrency

We would go as far as to say that these casinos carry an air of prestige to them. They are award-winning South African casinos that have long been available to players around the world and are now available to you.

This is your best opportunity to be part of a site that provides service on an impeccable level. Where you have games that cover every possible gambling and betting option. Where they are compliant to the laws set out by the National Gaming Board and are approved by them.

If this is your first or last time looking for a casino online, then all the highly recommended ones are found here.

Begin by heading through to the top 10 list to see which online casino South Africa operator you can join today and play with confidence and assurance that you’re in safe hands and you have many possibilities to win real ZAR jackpots from these incredible casinos online.